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Written by: Bamidele Salako

Sex! The very word unlocks a vortex. It unleashes a whirlwind of interest. Why? It’s for one major reason only and it is this – sex is sweet! Just as he read that, some ignorant self-righteous 21st century bigot of a Pharisee who knows the Bible more than its Spirit-inspired authors is cursing me out for attempting to voice an obvious truth and asking how on earth I could say such a thing! But I dare say again in bold type and upper case just in case you thought you saw wrongly – SEX IS SWEET!

If sex wasn’t so sweet and pleasurable, illicit sexual relations would hold no allure as to even be regarded as serious temptations to be avoided. If sex was otherwise – no one would need prodding to desist from illicit sexual affairs. Even in rape, sex may be a torture for the victim but certainly pleasurable for the rapist. For Christians who live by the dictates of the Holy Book, sex outside the confines of the conjugal bond has the infamous designation of fornication. Sex between a married individual and a married or single person who isn’t your lawful spouse – you all know what that one is called – Adultery!

The Bible says fornication and adultery are sins to be avoided but how that Bible injunction has succeeded in stopping people – Christians sef – from plucking away at the forbidden tree is no matter of conjecture. Pastors, bishops and reverends are doing it! Tongue-speaking fire-spitting brothers and sisters are doing it everywhere. Married men and women are dropping their trousers and skirts in droves in unimaginable places as we speak (peeps don’t even need beds no more to get going – the photocopier room? Toilet? Deserted office space?). Even now, as you read this, someone somewhere in the world is putting finishing touches to his/her plot to sleep with someone else’s wife or husband (you?) or actually doing the deed.

Why? Because this darn activity that has caused the world a ton of pain and sorrow has a pleasure proposition attached to it that immediately arouses interest such that the mere mention of the simple three letter word has the ears of everyone within the perimeter rising for signals in anticipation of what comes next. Some want to dissociate themselves at once from lewd and open conversations about such a sensitive subject lest they be seen in the same light as “these depraved minds” and be perceived as perverts. But you’ll be shocked to find that there are none more animated these “decent” people on sexual matters in private conversations. You’ll be shocked to find that the initiators are not even as versed as them on the subject matter. Hypocritical? Others couldn’t care less about the holier-than-thou condemning eyes on patrol. Without shame or discretion, they just unleash the verbal bullets and shoot in all directions, with absolutely no regard for the indecency or impropriety of such discourse at that given time or place.

Whatever category you fall into, whether or not you choose to accept it, the fact remains and incontrovertibly so, that sex interests and it is pleasurable. In fact, it interests because it is pleasurable. I remember walking past a formation of policemen within the premises of the office of the Governor of Lagos State during a drill and the song they chanted as they jogged ran like this in Pidgin English, “The time you call me…I nor fit answer, the thing dey sweet o.” Only the uninitiated would claim ignorance of the “thing” that prevented an officer from taking his call which of course was owing to the thing’s sweetness and enjoyability.

“Whether you’re a monk living in a monastery or a preacher with multiple doctorate degrees in theology, no one is immune to sexual temptation.”

The sheer pleasure of sex confers such power on it that it has no respect of persons – like death. Whether you’re a monk living in a monastery or a preacher with multiple doctorate degrees in theology, no one is immune to sexual temptation. And it certainly takes, as people say, “the special grace of God” or an uncommon level of moral discipline to be able to resist the rage of passion and desire, particularly in the sexually-charged world of today. It’s why through history, anecdotal or documented, great men have crumbled like a house of cards due to incontinence and empires have fallen because one man somewhere could not control his sexual drive.
There are two simple but sound sayings that should ordinarily guide all our choices – “Look before you leap” and “Think before you act” but where sex is concerned, many of us do the exact opposite – we leap before we look and act before we think and understandably so. Make una talk true here o. There are many righteous people I wish I didn’t have to disappoint by saying in matters of sex, I have always lived by those two principles, but that would readily make yours-truly the liar of the century. Thank God for his eternal mercies!

The fact that having unprotected sex or having multiple sex partners exposes one to the risk of HIV infection has not stopped guys and girls from having unprotected sex – with multiple sex partners – what with the millions of new incidences of infection world over every year. You probably still did it last night – had unprotected sex, probably a drunken rendezvous, with a total stranger or a long time “target” that finally succumbed. Some even tell you, it’s better to go it raw – “the condom sucks the fun out of it.” Why would they say this and do this in the face of myriad scientifically and medically proven health risks? That five minute pleasure or gratification that sex offers robs us (mostly men) of our senses in that instant when our whole being is charged with just one mission – to bite the juicy apple.

The pleasure proposition is so destabilising that in the heat of passion, when unbridled desires run wild and are screaming for expression, your reasoning faculty and all the memories of the HIV-ads you have seen on TV or heard on radio and the memory of that unfortunate neighbour who recently bit the dust from complications arising from AIDS, instantly take the back seat without the slightest protestation. You actually know you need protection o, but you’re there thinking I dare not miss this golden opportunity. Opportunity wey I don find tire – e com present insef on top platter – one condom wey nor dey go com spoil show – lai lai – anything wey wan happen make e happen.
You think to yourself, in the process of trying to rush out to get the all-important “action accessory” *wink*, an urgent call could come in, her fickle emotions could disappear, that friend with a terrible sense of timing could pop in and “scatter parole” and make your whole ploy of getting laid go south, simply because you decided to spare a minute or second for introspection. But no, the libido rush would have none of that. The words “Seize the moment” suddenly take on a whole new meaning and degree of significance. Then after the first few minutes of doing the deed and reaching the “promised land” and sexual tensions are doused, reality dawns and combines with reason to press home its case forcefully and mercilessly. Fear and destabilisation! “What if?!!!” Chai! I don fuck up. All that emotional trauma for what? Na the sweetness of sex confuse bros!

“The consequences for misfiring could be fatal”

Now, the morality and ethics of sex lies strongly in the realm of personal and religious conviction but in truth, whether in marriage or out of it – the deed is sweet. Whether you’re a church-going, spirit-filled believer or the baddest boy or girl on God’s great earth, let’s not deny the fact of the pleasure of it – what we however each need to consider closely and carefully are the consequences attached to each moment of libidinous indiscretion. The consequences for misfiring could be fatal. Will the sexual encounter be worth the possible pain and loss that could result? Would five minutes of getting down be worth a broken home, a lost ministry, a destroyed career, a diseased body, a damaged womb, as well as the shame, the pain, the rejection and the immeasurable loss that could follow?

The multiplier effect of that minute of imprudence could alter your future forever – beyond redemption – and not just your future but the futures of loved ones. Not everybody gets as lucky as Bill Clinton following a Monica Lewinsky indignity – many actually wave their reputation capital, which btw they took decades to amass, as well as their professional and political futures bye-bye, forever, like former IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn who lost his lofty position and an almost certain shot at the French presidency because pleasurable passion prevailed over pragmatic reason. Some apples come poisoned and pain, most times, comes packaged as pleasure.
Nobody holy pass. These things happen but what’s the opportunity cost? Actions have corresponding consequences. Draw your own conclusions!

Disclaimer: A critical issue for practical contemplation not a sermon!!!

More to come next week.

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The Seeker with Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

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Prof. Chris Nwaokobia
Prof. Chris Nwaokobia

Ours is a nation of comedies and tragic-comedies, yes the chicken is increasingly coming home to roost, indeed the puppeteer has lost control and the puppet holds sway. OR how else can one explain the fact that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely but the spectacle that presently plays out in Ekiti State and in the South West State of Osun.

The Soldiers and other men of the various Security Agencies who are under-mobilized to contain terror in the North East are fully mobilized and on ground in Ekiti, yes to them a Fayose take over in Ekiti is more important than the lives of millions perpetually in harms way in the States of Bornu, Yobe, Plateau and Adamawa.

To them master-minding and orchestrating impeachment proceedings against opposition Governors in Adamawa, Rivers and Edo States is all that matters, to hell with our collective safety what counts is politics not governance. Sad.

Power here is the puppet and the puppeteer he who wields power, sadly rather than wield power and use same for the collective good, power wields them and uses them against our good.

In the present the puppet runs the puppeteer little wonder they undermine the fact that the basic appeal of democracy is human rights and freedoms. When you deny people and even serving Governors the freedoms of Assembly, of Association, of Movement as is the case with Ekiti you abridge the appeal of democracy.

Let it be known that the greatest threat to democracy lies with this political class and chiefly its subversion is the craft of the ruling party that has elected do-or-die politics over our collective safety and service delivery.

When the puppet runs the puppeteer the end of the circus surely is near.

God Bless Nigeria.


Ekiti on my mind!

“…a people deserve the kind of leaders they get” – Mahatma Mohadas Karamchad Gandhi.

Gladly I have read the congratulatory messages from the outgoing Governor of Ekiti State Kayode Fayemi and that of Bamidele Opeyemi wishing the incoming Governor of the State Ayo Fayose well.

Yes, ‘democracy’ devolves on the choice of the majority. Yes, that choice was expressed by the Ekiti people who preferred a Fayose to a Fayemi or an Opeyemi. Yes, some have argued that Fayemi lost because there is an apparent disconnect between him and the people, between the hoi polloi and his seeming elitism, a disconnect between the grass-root and the up-root.

Yes, a certain commentator argued that ‘..Fayemi developed the State infrastructure at the expense of the Stomach infrastructure’. By Jove it implies that we are more interested in quick fixes, in profligate spending and governmental Bazaars, in ‘sharing’ rather than serving, and are very much uninterested with credentials and antecedents.

The PDP understands us better than their partner in the politrick-cal industry the APC. In furtherance of their politrick-cal business and empire they dusted up Fayose (despite his having been alleged to have overseen Chief Daramola’s murder and the litany of EFCC cases against him), what’s my business, the Ekiti people have spoken.

For Osun State they have dusted up Iyiola Omisore of the Bola Ige murder fame. We await the voice of the Osun people. And for Kano State they are dusting up Mohammed Abacha, yes all charges against him in the Courts have been dropped. Alamieseigha has been pardoned and is being dusted up for a Senate seat, yes he is at the National Conference presently.

I sincerely think that we are an incorrigible people BUT we MUST not forget that when the puppet runs the puppeteer the end of the circus surely is near.

God Bless Nigeria.


Interesting Times!!!

“The prevalence of evil, oppression and lawlessness is indicative of the fact that change is at the door, evil has never gained victory over good, when darkness hovers, when villainy prevails and when brigandage holds sway, remember that the darkest point of the night is closest to dawn” – Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

The Ekiti gubernatorial election is now history, the people have spoken in their own way. Osun beckons as the I.G of Police assures that he will apply the same Ekiti stratagem in Osun State. Quite worrisome is the number of Policemen that policed the election in Ekiti whilst our sisters in the North East remain traumatized by the Haramists and yet under Emergency Rule the States of Adamawa, Bornu and Yobe remains under-policed.

When ‘electoral gain’ matters to our politrick-cal gladiators more than the safety of lives and the sanctity that must shape society something truly is wrong.

When we no longer shudder at the high count of deaths and kidnap then the untoward prevails. I’m amazed that with 219 Innocents of Chibok yet missing, with the bombings in Jos, in Yobe State and in Kano within the past 6weeks, with the kidnap of yet another 80(women) in Bornu within the past 48hours and with the killing of over 40 hapless citizens yesterday in Bornu all appears normal.

Cardinal to the power mongers we call leaders is how to take the South West and defeat the APC or how the APC can defeat the PDP in the South East and the North West, in this equation we do not feature. They do not give a damn if we all perish in the pursuit of inordinate power and control little wonder moving over 10,000 Policemen, 2,500 Troops, men of the DSS, Sniff Dogs and countless Staff of the Civil Defense Corp to oversee an election in one State supersedes the challenge of making the State of Emergency effective in three States.

God Save Nigeria.

Prof. Chris Nwaokobia Jnr.

To be CONTD.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and not necessarily those of securenigeria365.

World Bank Approves N80.7 b To Boost Agriculture In Northern Nigeria

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World Bank today said it had approved
495.3 million dollars (about N80.7 billion) to boost agriculture in Northern Nigeria.

This is contained in a statement issued by Mr Bamidele Oladokun, Communications Associate to the World Bank in Abuja.

The statement said that the bank’s executive directors approved the money to improve farmers’ access to
irrigation and drainage services.

It stated that the money was also to strengthen institutional arrangements for integrated water resources management.

The board also intends to enhance delivery of agricultural services in selected large-scale public schemes in the Northern Nigeria.

This will be done through a project, ”Transforming Irrigation Management in Nigeria (TRIMING).

“TRIMING will improve existing irrigation on 27, 000 hectares, irrigate an additional 23, 000 hectares, and
benefit more than 140, 000 farmers, while mobilising private sector to investment.

“It marks a transformational effort to improve large-scale public irrigation for expanding food production and
encourage economic growth in rural areas.

“This is necessary to end poverty and boost prosperity, as well as enhance resilience of agriculture production
systems,’’ the statement said.

It quoted the bank’s acting Vice-President for Africa Region, Mr Jamal Saghir, as saying that, “unlocking
Africa’s development potential requires interventions in key sectors, such as energy and water.

By taking a comprehensive approach, the TRIMING project will increase farm productivity, build climate
resilience and reduce flooding risks.

“It will also improve the lives and well-being of millions of Nigerian citizens in Africa’s largest economy.

M. D YUSUF AND ABACHA :Between Complicity And Confrontation By Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

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Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

At some point in the life of a great individual, he takes a small step, or so it seems, which ends up as a turning point not only in his life, but in the historical development of an entire people. Without exaggerating and mystifying the significance and implications of the candidacy of M. D. Yusuf, Katsina Prince and former Inspector General of Police, it is still indisputable that the implications of the candidacy for the country’s political development are far deeper and more profound than he may have imagined. The decision to plunge into the jungle of Nigerian politics, borne out of a personal conviction, has become a burden on the quiet mystic, by constituting a ray of hope piercing through the darkness of our collective despair. Like all hopes , this one would be either fulfilled or dashed, and the one result, or the other , will decide the fate of M. D. Yusuf in the book of this nation’s history – that of a hero or a villain, a true leader or a pretender. It is in this , in being the bearer of the hopes of millions, that the burden lies on this old man.

The fulfilment of this dream does not lie in M. D. Yusuf winning the presidential election. Indeed few people give him or , for that matter , anyone a chance of doing that against an incumbent determined to exploit all the resources under his control ( and which rightfully belong to all Nigerians) to ensure the attainment of his own goals.

Its fulfilment lies , rather, in this being an honest, focused and committed campaign, that expresses on the platform of political discourse and public opinion the desires and yearnings of the voiceless majority of Nigerians. Its fulfilment lies in the emergence of one man, just one man, from amongst many whose voices would be heard, who chooses to speak not with the voice of sycophancy and hypocrisy but with that of patriotism and sincerity . Its fulfilment lies in its being made known to one and all that the voice of reason and politics of principle have not been stamped out in an era of political dictatorship.

In this, the fulfilment of this dream is akin to its fulfilment in the campaign of late Shehu Yar Adua, M. D. Yusuf’s colleague and relation from Katsina. It did not matter that he never became president. He succeeded in building that bridge across the Niger and in leading a political movement with a definite and responsible ideological coloration, concrete enough to be considered a threat to the powers- that- be. Even his death at the hands of his persecutors represented, ironically, the ultimate fulfilment of that dream, by graphically bringing to the forefront the cruelty and inhumanity of the system he was committed to supplanting.

It is in the significance of the need to carry on with this struggle that the real danger lies in M.D. Yusuf’s campaign. In the final analysis, his political program can only have real value if it represents a real alternative to the current system. He will have to carry that torch which the forces of darkness thought extinguished with the death of Yar Adua. He will have to light for them their own faces, and hold a mirror before their eyes, that they may see the extent of their own depravity. They will not like what they see, but, incapable of changing, they will try to blow out the torch or break the mirror. But let them tarry a while in their false comfort, soon another knight emerges, raising the torch aloft and holding a fresh mirror for them to see themselves in an even more degenerate and distasteful state.

M.D. Yusuf started his campaign with a limited objective, that of inviting other politicians to join the parties and contest the elections. It seems his genuine intention was to withdraw from the scene on achieving this limited objective. At this point, to most observers, the ultimate aim of his campaign seemed to be in the service of the junta by giving its transition programme some element of credibility, and ultimately creating the impression that the incumbent won a keenly contested, free and fair election. The participation of politicians would give the lie to the theory of a muzzled opposition. This perception of the campaign was reinforced by a general feeling that he has remained too close to the administration for him to represent a credible opposition.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

What ever may be said about this initial limited objective, it seems that M.D. Yusuf has so far failed in achieving it. Front-line politicians have refused to join the race. Paradoxically, they seem to be lining-up behind M. D. as the alternative to Abacha. The dark horse has become a front-runner in the opposition. The campaign has taken a life of its own and its dynamics seem beyond the initial plan of its prime mover. Perhaps no words express the change in scenario as MD’s own words in a newspaper interview: “ if Abacha asked me to run then he has made the greatest mistake of his life. Because if he contests I will defeat him”. The exposure M.D. Yusuf has had in the print and electronic media has stirred the interest of Nigerians who now dare to hope that all is not lost. Unlike Braithwaite who is viewed as something of a comedian and opportunist, M. D. Yusuf is seen as too serious and responsible to take such a matter lightly. Nigerians are further impressed by his impeccable record of public service, a refreshing prospect in an environment filled with corruption. Finally, it seems that his aristocratic background serves as a magnet for revolutionary support. The history of revolutionary leadership the world over is replete with carpet-crossers , born into privilege but with the honour to fight the cause of the oppressed. Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro are but two examples. In the contemporary political history of Nigeria, the Fulani aristocratic classes have produced some of the most prominent revolutionary theorist and politicians . Kano and Katsina have been most prominent in this. Murtala Mohammed and Aminu Kano from the Kano aristocracy; Shehu Yar Adua and now M. D. Yusuf from the Katsina aristocracy; And of course the indefatigable ideologue of northern radicalism, Dr. Yusuf Bala Usman, whose paternal grand father was the Emir of Katsina and maternal grand father was the Emir of Kano.

At a time when the political landscape is filled with pro-Abacha campaigners and fence-sitters, it is therefore not surprising, given these antecedents, that Nigerians see in M D Yusuf’s campaign a voice for the masses , and a struggle against oppression, corruption and injustice. They have seen other leaders of theirs emasculated, framed – up, jailed , murdered, assassinated or compromised. Every time one is cut down , God raises up for them another . Now they dare to hope in M. D. Yusuf. The question is : IS THAT HOPE MISPLACED ?

The consensus of public opinion seems to rest on one reality: That for the purpose of the upcoming presidential elections , Nigerians for now acknowledge the existence of only two contestants: Sani Abacha and M. D. Yusuf. Yet a peculiar feature of M. D. Yusuf.’s campaign to date is his refusal to assume the mantle of an opposition candidate to Abacha, refusing to acknowledge Abacha as an opponent because Abacha himself has not announced it. This may very well be an astute political strategy to avoid emasculation of a budding campaign machinery. If however, it is a statement of fact, then one must be excused for finding it naïve and simplistic. To almost all observers, Abacha is already in the campaign. Abacha’s administrators receive pro- Abacha groups all over the country. Infants( who call themselves youth) are sponsored to call for Abacha and arrange rallies and are given audience in the highest quarters and unlimited access to government media coverage. Abacha’s right-hand man trusted friend and accomplice, Jerry Useni, is chairman of the forum of miserable, incurable sycophants called Traditional Rulers who have recently made a public call to Abacha to contest. By refusing to recognise these developments for what they are and acknowledge that he is in fact running against Abacha , M. D. Yusuf treads a dangerous path that may cost him his personal credibility.

By jumping into the political fray, M. D. Yusuf has lost every right to sit on the fence. No serious participant in Nigerian Politics can run away from being either pro- or anti Abacha. This is because the contest is for votes, and few voters are ambivalent about Abacha.

The reason for this is that irrespective of one’s view of Abacha, it is indisputable that he is a decisive, determined and committed leader, who has shown a ruthless willingness for the pursuit of his own agenda. A leader like this ( like J. F. Kennedy ), you either love or hate. The Nigerian voters are divided into two and it is a great divide: Those who are fanatically pro – Abacha to the point of adulation for him and those ( among whom the present writer proudly counts himself) who have nothing but contempt for the man and his primitive tactics and little respect for his intelligence , character and disposition.

Of the first group we have seen and heard a lot. The group includes top government functionaries, and sycophants like the traditional rulers who visited Aso Rock recently. A large portion of this group actually pretends to love Abacha because it pays to do so. As one listens to the Sultan of Sokoto extolling the leadership of Abacha and arguing that he is the best material for leadership of this country, one could nor help thinking of the qualities of a leader enumerated by Uthman Dan Fodio in his magnum opus: BAYAN WUJUB AL-HIJRA. Sheikh Uthman must be turning in his grave to see his descendant and flag bearer of the Caliphate reduced to such a level of sycophancy as to pervert all the principles for which the Jihad was carried out. The sultan knew, in his heart that those words were not sincere. As did every one else apart from , perhaps Abacha. One recalls the foolish King Lear: ( in Shakespeare’s tragedy) who rejected his daughter Cordelia and divided his kingdom between his two elder daughters Goneril and Regan based on their ability to tell him in sweet language how much they loved him. That reliance on the sweet words of greedy sycophants led to avoidable betrayal, tragedy and death for all. Abacha would do well to bear in mind the lesson of that foolish king as he accepts the “challenge” of his own appropriately costumed court-jesters.

As for the second group, their opposition to the regime is borne of deep-rooted political and moral principle. We do not mean here those whose opposition is founded on ethnocentric and religious bigotry. We mean the large number of Nigerians who see in this regime the glorification of corruption in our society. Those who see a lack of respect for human life and liberty, and how individuals and their wives and children have turned government into some kind of family business.

Nigeria is the only country in the world where the Finance Minister can publicly announce that billions of Naira released to the Oil ministry for work on refineries were squandered and then nothing happens. If the Finance Minister was lying, he should have gone. If he was speaking the truth the Oil Minister should have gone. Both of them retained their portfolios in spite of the inescapable fact that either the Finance Minister is congenital liar or the Petroleum Minister is a thief. It is a leader who maintains these two in his cabinet that the Sultan credit with a commitment to transparent honesty.

Nigeria is the only country where the president’s son can take his girl- friend and party-boys on private trips in the presidential jet until nemesis catches up with them and no eyebrows are raised. Instead mosques are built in their honour and services held in ever-loving memory.

Nigeria is the only country where a political prisoner , any political prisoner , not to talk of a former General and No 2 Citizen , can die in prison custody without the government finding it necessary or even appropriate to offer an explanation.

Nigeria is the only country where the Head of State can voluntarily address the Nation on key issues like release of political prisoners or implementation of the budget and proceed without honouring his word.

Nigerians are in a stage of siege . They have been traumatised and physically and psychologically brutalised. They have lost their sense of self -esteem.

It is not surprising that they feel insulted and insist that Traditional Rulers who claim that the incumbent is the best candidate for the presidency speak for themselves and not the people.

Abacha and his supporters are quick to point out his achievements, which make him qualified to continue as a civilian president. Prime among these , is that he saved the country from disintegration. Some would even suggest that, were Abacha to hand over power, the country’s fragile unity which he is holding-up would break down( one shudders to think what would happen to Nigeria if he were to die a natural death or from his cirrhosis of the liver).

This claim, were it not so often repeated and believed, would be laughable . Abacha was the No 2 man in the regime which dissolved an election in which Nigerians freely expressed their choice of a president, an act which plunged the country into a major crisis. Now in solving a problem which he created, Abacha expects gratitude from Nigerians. Every time Abacha points to the state the Nation was in when took over power , he is in fact pointing to the state he and Babangida brought the Nation to. It is the proverbial case of a man pointing to another with one finger, forgetting that his three other fingers were actually pointed at himself.

It is also said that by setting up failed banks tribunals Abacha had confronted corruption. These tribunals, in spite of their positive sides which none would deny, have also been associated with the incarceration and unjust castigation of innocent citizens, in detention for extended periods without trial and in slow rate of conviction and recovery of public funds. Besides, Abacha find it convenient to ignore alleged wide-spread corruption in the Ministry of Petroleum , Ministry of Defence, FSP and the Presidency, as well as allegations that certain public officers and their relations who died in sudden and tragic circumstances had amassed unbelievable wealth from government coffers.

Abacha also claims to have brought inflation under control. This has been achieved by strangulating the economy and simply refusing to spend even on those things that have been budgeted for. If economic management was so simple there would be no inflation in the world. By refusing to pay its debts and provide services the government can proudly point to low inflation and high reserve figures. These figures are but a celebration of inactivity.

If it pleases Abacha , he may believe that he has major achievements. Even if these were genuine , they would pale into insignificance when viewed against the reality that Nigerians have been stripped of their dignity and their value- system has been gradually eroded. Traditional rulers, long-viewed as the custodians of that value-system have sold their conscience for 5% of L. G. A Statutory Allocations ( their twenty pieces of silver).

When M. D. Yusuf , honest, experienced , serious public servant stepped into the fray , Nigerians felt they had found their voice. The choice before M. D. Yusuf as he jumps into the ring with Abacha is a clear and simple one : Complicity or Confrontation.

If , like traditional rulers of today , he sees in Abacha the messiah for this country, the honourable thing is for him to withdraw and join the chorus. If , like his forebears , he detests what he sees the courageous thing is to confront Abacha on the level of politics and an ideology founded on good conscience , ready to fight to the finish.

M.D. Yusuf can not run away from making this choice . he may delay it a little by avoiding the reality of an Abacha candidacy but inevitably Nigerians would know if he is a hero or a villain , a true leader or a pretender.

When he finally does make that choice we pray for his sake and that of the nation that he makes the correct one and marks out for himself a place along side our heroes , dead and alive : Aminu Kano , Murtala Mohammed , Shehu Yar Adua , Bala Usman and Gani Fawehinmi, among others.

The following words from the Old School Song of King’s College are quite instructive:

“ Others went before you

and attained the light

Where they wait to cheer you

victors in the fight.”


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Written by: Godspower Michael-Eyakwaire

What Turns A Woman On?

Did your mind navigate to sex on seeing the subject of this piece?
Well, I’m talking about something even deeper – I’m sharing with you
10 great tips that can improve or save your relationship.

10 Traits That Turn Real Women On

1. A Very Sunny Personality– You must put on a cheerful approach to
life. Loosen up. Smile. Spark up your sense of humour…please!

2. Offering to help in areas many consider to be traditionally
feminine zones– like helping with doing the dishes, taking the gas for
refill, house cleaning, etc. To do this you have to drop the “you know
I am an African man mentality”. There is ‘no African woman’ these days
– women are universally the same in emotions!

3. Public Show of Affection– Holding of hands while strolling,
escorting her to the market, clinic and salon/spa. Body contact and
closeness are ways women use to express emotional bonding.

4. Open a listening ear at all times– Whenever she’s talking to you
listen. Listen…please!

5. Compliments– This is a non-negotiable, since it goes without saying
that women fall in love with their ears. Compliments appeal to a
woman’s sense of femininity (sometimes their sense of
vanity…whatever!). Sometimes it’s like their day or life depends on
it. So you must learn to always compliment her hair, bra, shoes, eyes,
make-up, and smell. Also compliment her character, love, food and most
importantly her body

6. Gifts– It’s not about how expensive or how big most
times…sometimes it’s just the gesture of giving that they cherish.
No matter what she already has that your small gift is ‘special’ in
her eyes. It’s the way of women bro.

7. Firmness and Reliability– A firm disposition to issues and how much
you can be depended upon in critical moments are key areas you must
work on. Why? Because every woman wants protection and security. Only
a man of principle and one who can stand by his words will attract
such quality women. Sometimes too, real women like the feeling of
being guided and controlled by a man. Hey, I’m not talking about being
a control freak here!

8. Fight for Her– Defend her before others whenever she becomes the
subject of scrutiny or unfair treatment. Standing up for her sweeps
her off her feet for you forever…you become her HERO!

9. Involve Her in Your Plans– Carrying her along in whatever you do
has a way of opening her up to you and earning her trust. How much
should be revealed of your plans depends on your perception of her
though. Wisdom is required.

10. Your Spiritual Devotion– Surprised? Yes, I guess. But the fact is
every woman craves a man whose spiritual commitments are deep (for
family reasons as well as their own commitment requirements). Real
ladies want a “God-fearing man”. This is the greatest turn-on for

The Official Takeoff of DiscoveryAir

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DiscoveryAir Cabin Crew
DiscoveryAir Cabin Crew


Head, Sale & Marketing, Davids Ayoola & Chairman, DiscoveryAir, Babatunde Babalola
Head, Sale & Marketing, Davids Ayoola & Chairman, DiscoveryAir, Babatunde Babalola



Chairman, DiscoveryAir, Babatunde Babalola with BEN.TV Senior Correspondent, Ifetayo Adeniyi
Chairman, DiscoveryAir, Babatunde Babalola with BEN.TV Senior Correspondent, Ifetayo Adeniyi



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