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Nigeria, ARISE! We’re excited to announce that the Samsung Galaxy Gearhas inspiredthe hosting of the Seventh Edition of the CHARITY LOUNGE ELITE HUMANITARIAN HALL OF FAME. The idea behind the induction is to celebrate 53 Non Profit Championsas the honor seeks to laud the efforts of Public Spirited individuals and institutions that have shaped community servicein Nigeria Post Independence.

According to the Community Relations Specialist at Creative Five World, Chaste Inegbedion, “We are excited to have CoolWazobiaInfo on-board with the CHARITY LOUNGEElite Humanitarian Hall of FameInduction Ceremony and we look forward to raising the bar even further for 53 Non Profit Champions. As the induction grow from strength to strength, I have no reservation that being acknowledged at the CHARITY LOUNGE Elite Humanitarian Hall of Fame inspired by the Samsung Note 3+ Galaxy Gear will be a crowning attainment for anyone that live their lives for the benefit of others”

By selecting champions from a wide range of categories, the inductionrewards the diversity that characterizes the field of Individual Social Responsibility, and celebrates the many aspects that combine initiatives to transcend pressing contemporary issues.

The 53 Non Profit Championsfor each category: Individual, Initiatives, Institutions, Foundation and Benefactors are:

Meanwhile, Nollywood’s Best, Doris Simeon has signed up as service ambassador for Charity Lounge and it would be our honor to have others appointed in different categories as Service Ambassador. This development is part of implementing a Public Relations Campaign on driving awareness on our change products and fundraising for the social good. The Project is aimed at acquiring Angel Investors, registering the Creative Five World as a Non-Profit Limited by Guarantee, building a structure to sustain the Project (4 Times in a Year) and creation of the Innovation Apartment Africa, a pilot project funded by the Wow Divas.

Check out Story of the Last Edition

In our attempt to consolidate efforts in bringing meaningful change, better future and for the promotion of the Social Good, Please check trailer of the seventh edition…

For Information about the Giant Leap of Charity Lounge Please Visit

Samsung Galaxy Note 3+ Gear is inspiring a new revolution to fund-raise and friend raise for the Girl Rising Campaign in Lagos, Save Linda Godwin Breast Cancer Campaign and the Innovation Apartment Africa Fund through the Charity Lounge 7.0 tagged the Cool 3 Give Edition on Sunday 3rd November 2013 at an exclusive venue.

This Event is organized by Creative Five World in Partnership with the CoolWazobiaInfo and proudly supported by Ebox, Ovation International, Exquisite Magazine, Marketing Mix, Linda Ikeji Blog, Securenigeria365, Bella Naija, Wow Connect and other Public Spirited Individuals.

Other Inspired innovative brands include Intel West Africa, Hello Nigeria, Bloomberg Africa, Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative, Heritage Coral Banking, First Monie, UBA Ruby, MasterCard Priceless, Forbes Africa Woman, Century Group, Shoreline Natural Resources, Wheatbaker Hotel, RLG Nigeria, Mudi Africa, JewelbyLisa, Chef Fregz, Estella Couture, Bobby Signatures and OLX.


Dele Giwa And the Dilemma Of A Journalist

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Dr. Dele Momodu
Dr. Dele Momodu

The Pendulum By Dele Momodu, Email:

Fellow Nigerians, today is not one of my happiest days. I’m sorry to start on such a depressing note. But that is the way I usually feel on every October 19, since 1986, when one of Nigeria’s finest journalists of all time, Dele Giwa, was blasted into smithereens, by God-knows-who. Dele Giwa and I were brothers who never met, but had our paths steeped in similar upbringing. We were both born in the ancient city of Ile-Ife. Our parents migrated from the old Mid-Western region, now Edo State and settled in Ile-Ife to engage in odd jobs. Though we never met one on one Dele loomed larger than life and we all knew him like the man next door. I studied his life like a textbook, followed his world trajectory, and fantasised regularly about meeting him some day. The other man who had such magnificent effect on me is the one and only Sonala Olumhense who I was privileged to meet and who later gave me the honour of contributing to the birth of Ovation International in London in our exile days.
My God, those gentlemen had such rare gift of the pen. While Dele Giwa was very bubbly and swashbuckling, Sonala was ostensibly reserved and unquestionably cherubic. Dele Giwa was always going to stand out in the crowd. He gave journalism in Nigeria a lease and its practitioners a life. He challenged the stereotype that journalists were poor and scruffy by appearing most of his life like your High Street Banker. Just as Dele was loved by those who idolised him, he was feared by men of power for his ability to expose their foibles and egocentricities in his indomitable style. It was an influential position that made him susceptible to love and hate in almost equal measure. The life of a successful journalist is usually a delicate balance of standing between friends and enemies. And only a thin line separates the two. One negative article is just enough to obliterate 99 positive ones. No one ever remembers to thank you when you write that beautiful story but everyone remember to curse you and your family when you write that one that seems unpalatable.
That is what I call the dilemma of a journalist. My guess is as good as yours. Dele Giwa must have stepped on very powerful but sore toes who felt uncomfortable about his temerity to take on a system that made him who he was. The nation had not attained such level of tolerance to understand the job of a journalist was to write about friends and foes alike. There was always a channel of communication available to the aggrieved. The law courts are essentially there to serve as arbiter and secure rectitude for the victim of yellow journalism in any event.
The problem was not just that Dele died it was the manner of his death. For years, I carried the gory spectre of that bizarre murder in my memory. According to reports at the time, a parcel bomb was delivered at his Ikeja, Lagos home, somewhere off Adeniyi-Jones, in the presence of another accomplished journalist, Kayode Soyinka, now the Publisher of Africa Today. He was luckier to escape with not more than his damaged ear-drums as well as an indefinite sojourn in exile. Dele wasn’t that fortunate. He bled to death and his family comprising of an aged mother, relations, wife and children were thrown into perpetual mourning. The whole country was engulfed in utter shock while the outside world marvelled at our ability to settle scores in the most deadly manner under the flimsiest provocation.
At the time of his death, Dele Giwa was the Editor-in-Chief of Newswatch magazine and easily the most celebrated journalist of that period. His former wife, Florence Ita-Giwa, recently told me she fell in love with Dele because of his effervescent style of writing. By the time they met there was no protocol because she was already head-over-heels in love with awesome diction and rhapsodies. They became inseparable from that moment on. Dele was such a debonair writer who brought a lot of razzmatazz into the media industry. He was young, dashing and daring. He was a power-dresser, a fashion icon but above all an intelligent, inspiring writer and analyst.
Dele Giwa’s column, Parallax Snaps, was a must read for guys of my generation. It was impossible not to be attracted to the writings of Dele Giwa, Ray Ekpu, Dan Agbese and Yakubu Mohammed, the powerful quartet that founded Newswatch magazine around 1984, shortly after their dramatic exit from Concord newspapers. These were the authentic superstars who titillated us with beautiful prose that dripped with poetic and colourful words. And they lived up to their billing. Newswatch was an instant success and the hottest cake out of the oven. Every issue was a collector’s item. It is hoped that under the new management, that glory would be restored no matter how daunting.
I had followed Dele Giwa in particular like a true devotee. He was a pen-god who was worshipped at the altar of investigative journalism, and admired irreverently by the high and mighty and the low and meek. His pen was mighty; in fact, mightier than the sword. He was considered a proponent of fairness and justice in governance. Newswatch was a reader’s delight any day. Every week, the magazine went behind the scene to bring us hidden stories that were buried beyond our prying eyes. Newswatch did not just tell stories, its daredevil reporters told it in elegant style. The team was simply awesome: Nosa Igiebor, Dele Omotunde, Onome Osifo-Whiskey, Dare Babarinsa, Dele Olojede, Kola Ilori, May Ellen-Ezekiel and other journalism greats. Kayode Soyinka reported majestically from London. I will never forget his amazing scoops on the Umaru Dikko saga during the Buhari-Idiagbon military era.
Everything was going well for Newswatch, or so it seemed. The dream of the founding fathers of the magazine evaporated one hot afternoon as the powerhouse of the organisation was inflicted with the most iniquitous brutishness ever experienced in our vengeful society. Neither the exact motives nor the particular identity of the perpetrators has ever come to light. At the very best, all we got were conspiracy theories and circumstantial evidence but there was nothing conclusive till this day. A private prosecutor, Gani Fawehinmi, who took it upon himself to unravel the mystery and jigsaw, met brick-walls at every turn. The labyrinth of esoteric cases he filed at different junctures died with Gani without recording any major success or victory.
One could easily have concluded that such a dastardly act occurred because we were living at that time under the jackboots of the military who knew no other way to persuade its critics than shutting up their mouths through cold blooded murder. Its microphone was the gun-nose and the loudspeaker was the barrel. The military knew no other way to offer superior logic and simply did not bother. And we all prayed and hoped that the evil cup would pass over us. Unfortunately, not much has changed.
Even in the democratic dispensation that we have supposedly enjoyed these past 15 years or so the curse of unsolved extra-judicial cold-blooded murders of our critics and activists continues unabated.
More journalists have lost their lives in the line of duty under the civilian dispensation in our strange country. The list is painfully long enough. The politicians and their cronies are getting more and more intolerant. Power has become a matter of life and death. I doubt if that was the purpose of fighting for democracy. What I find sadder is that there is a new crop of young people who are being brainwashed and indoctrinated by desperate politicians to cause mayhem and confusion all over the place. It has become almost impossible to have decent conversation and cerebral debates without resorting to vulgarities and vitriolic attacks. This trend can’t continue. If it does, it will certainly portend great dangers for the future of our nation and has the likelihood and potential of descending us all into anarchy.
As we remember Dele Giwa today, let’s try to have sober reflections and reach the decision that all disagreements of whatever ilk can be resolved through peaceful, gentlemanly means.
Of Tony Uranta And His Tricksters
I stumbled on an interesting post on Facebook the other day. It was a link to an outburst that was credited to a Niger Delta activist and ally of our dear President, Tony Ipriye Uranta. I was shocked to read his unequivocal indictment of President Goodluck Jonathan who he accused of surrounding himself with a kitchen cabinet that was incapable of helping him to deliver on his promises to the good people of Nigeria. He described those cabinet members as nothing but rogues and tricksters.
We must thank God for bountiful mercies. I don’t know what sparked Tony’s anger but it must have been a result of acute frustration about the way the ship of State was floundering aimlessly with the country almost bleeding to death. The manner public officers are splashing scarce resources on luxury items as if all there is to being in power is to indulge in reckless fun should be a cause for concern.
There is nothing new in what Tony said. The only surprise is that he spoke in the way he did. He merely gave fillip to what we’ve always known and written about. It is reassuring that someone close to the seat of power could be that bold as to tell it as it is. If an outsider had uttered those words, the world won’t hear the last of it. Accusations and allegations about the writer’s motive rather than a robust critique of the substance and the presentation of a veritable defence on behalf of the Presidency would have been the order of the day from the President’s stalwarts. Fortunately, this is coming from a close friend of theirs. They can’t in good conscience accuse Tony of working for some disgruntled Governors or opposition parties. Although, in retrospect, I won’t be surprised if they do, especially if there has been a parting of ways.
I know it will not go down well with some of Tony’s friends who continue to behave as if there is no tomorrow. I pray the President would heed Tony’s candid advice and appreciate the fact that it is only those who love him genuinely that would tell him what others are shying away from saying. The sum total of the rising cries of patriots is that our nation is in a bad shape and the President’s policies are now working or even helping. It is about time that the President reviews not only the positions of those he has entrusted with assisting him in managing the affairs of state but also the principles and policies that his government is implementing. The groans, pain and anger of our people has become incessant and is fast rising tom a crescendo. Something must be done before something gives. The President must understand that when the chips are down, the soldiers of fortune will move on effortlessly to other suitors. He will be left stranded in the sea and will be left to drown like a lonely sailor whose ship has sunk without any life rafts or vests.
We have seen it all before. We pray not to see it again for President Jonathan’s sake.


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 Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar
Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar

In another fervid effort at getting the needed support from the international security agencies and other multilateral bodies, particularly in the area of intelligence gathering, intelligence sharing, exchange programmes, combating terrorism, peace-keeping operations and capacity building, especially on training, manpower and infrastructural development for the Nigeria Police Force, the Inspector-General of Police, IGP MD Abubakar, CFR, NPM, mni, PSC, will, along with five other senior police officers, embark on a four-day official visit to the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in New York, United States of America from 21st – 25th October, 2013 for discussions with the UN, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the New York Police Department (NYPD).
The meeting, which is an offshoot of the agreements reached on the platform of Nigeria and the United States’ Bi-national Commission held earlier this year, is expected to highlight the efforts of the present Police Administration towards: repositioning the Force, continuing and improving on the performance of the Nigeria Police contingents deployed in sub-regional, regional and UN Peace keeping missions world-wide. Attention would be drawn, for emphasis, on the need to acquire and continuously maintain adequate equipment for the Nigeria Police Contingents to the UN missions.
While in the US, the IGP will also meet with the FBI Chiefs and his NYPD counterparts and State Department officials where he will, expectedly, be engaged in exchange of ideas and strategies on intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism measures and look at the possibility of obtaining modern training kits. He will also pay visit to the officials of the Nigeria House in New York, the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC and the UN Peace Keeping Department with a view to exploring areas of mutual cooperation and benefits.
The IGP is expected to discuss the challenges militating against the effective and efficient deployment of the Nigeria Police personnel and equipment to peace support missions and seek the support and collaboration of the UN towards addressing these challenges.

Ikogosi Resort Finally Comes Live As Fayemi Reclaims Ekiti Legacy

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  Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi

The first phase of redeveloped Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort was commissioned for use by tourists almost ten years after it was abandoned.
The commissioning which also featured the public presentation of Governor Kayode Fayemi’s latest book, “Regaining the Legacy” and decoration of Ekiti Cultural ambassadors, was witnessed by a mammoth crowd of tourists and citizens of the state.
Commissioning the project, the State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi said the redevelopment was done because his government “cannot allow the God-given endowment to be a waste”.
Fayemi who restated the commitment of his administration to develop all the tourism corridors in the State to make Ekiti a foremost destination of choice for investors and tourists from within and outside Nigeria, said the second phase of the redevelopment would involve the introduction of a games reserve that would occupy about 10,000 hectares of land, a three- star hotel, a golf course and apartment among others.
Other highlight of the event was the presentation of the Governor’s third book since assuming office. The book, titled “Regaining the Legacy” delves into the Governor’s personal account of his intention for Ekiti people, his perceptions about government and his experience.
Fayemi said one of the objectives of publishing the book was to broaden the audience “beyond the catchment of those who were physically present at the various fora where the papers were delivered”.
Baring his mind on the various discussions he has had on moving Nigeria forward, the Governor urged Nigerians to join hands to succeed and surmount the challenge of having a society that doesn’t care and create one that puts forward the prosperity of the citizenry.
”On our part, we are committed to building a society in which no one is left behind because we recognize that as Martin Luther King said, ‘ we are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”, Fayemi said.
He revealed his dream of a time when future generations would bless “our memories long after we are no more, because with the help of God, we did well to guide our society along the path of peace and sustainable development”.
The Reviewer of the book and chairman Editorial Board of the Nation Newspaper, Mr Sam Omatseye said whoever has read Fayemi’s book, Out of the Shadows, won’t be surprised at the tremendous change made by the Governor in Ekiti in the last three years.
Omatseye added that Fayemi fought out of the shadow for a legacy that speaks to the endurance of memories; adding that the Governor has not stopped letting people know “that he has done good” especially with the different projects carried out by his administration.
While presenting the book, the former governor, Otunba Niyi Adebayo recounted that his administration between 1999 and 2003 did make some renovation work on ikogosi but could not complete it because his administration was “manipulated out of office”.
Adebayo said there is need for Ekiti people to re-elect Fayemi because of the importance of continuity which he opined would ensure the continuation of the projects already started as well their sustenance.
Speaking on behalf of Ikogosi community, Mr Aaron Adeniji said the redevelopment of the resort has given “a pass mark for this administration, a credit for the Governor and distinction for God”.
Adeniji who expressed gratitude on behalf of the community described Fayemi as a true progrsssive, and the works on the resort has got his name written in gold.
Meanwhile 14 indigenes of the state who have distinguished themselves in various aspects of arts were also decorated by the Governor as Culture Ambassador of the state. They include Yinka Ayefele, Peter Fatomilola, Jimoh Aliu, Prof. Ojo Bakare, Elemure Ogunyemi, Peju Ogunmola, and Akin Onipede.
Others are Michael Omoshinlade (Micho Ade), Funmi Ajila, Moji Olaiya, Odunlade Adekola, Foluke Daramola, Akinade Ibuoye (Gaze Baba) and Yetunde Alabi popularly known as Sasha.

Uche Pedro, Founder of is the 2013 Future Awards Africa/British Council Young Media Entrepreneur of the Year

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Founder of, Uche Pedro
Founder of, Uche Pedro

Prior to the official announcement of the date and venue for The Future Awards Africa (TFAA) 2013, the project’s Central Working Committee (CWC) and the British Council have announced Uche Pedro as the winner of the International Young Media Entrepreneur of the Year award.
The award, presented in conjunction with the British Council, aims to celebrate young people working in the media, with entrepreneurial and leadership abilities, potential to change their sector, market awareness and understanding.
“It’s been an exciting four months we are very pleased to announce Uche Pedro as the winner of this new category – which was evolved from our prize in entertainment and media enterprise,” said Chude Jideonwo, Executive Director of The Future Project.
Uche, a new-media entrepreneur, is the founder of popular Nigerian fashion & lifestyle website She will participate in a UK tour with finalists from up to 10 other countries and participate in activities including:
– A visit to the UK in October where she gets the chance to meet the winners from other countries, make UK contacts, and attend the leading UK industry event– The Cross Media Forum.
– A week’s free membership to the exclusive private member’s club – The Hospital Club.
In response to her big win, Uche said “I am so grateful and elated to be selected as the winner of the YCE Media award for Nigeria. The BellaNaija team and our fabulously supportive audience deserve all the credit! Thank you.“
The Future Awards Africa 2013 – to be televised exclusively for Africa Magic and broadcast live online on Y! TV – will hold in October 2013 and will be a week-long three-city celebration. The host venue and date will be unveiled by the CWC in the coming week. The event is being held in partnership with the African Union Commission and Microsoft.
Media Partners include Channels TV, Silverbird TV, Nigeria Info, TW, Ventures Africa, and Guardian Life. Online Partners are BellaNaija, LindaIkejiBlog, Information Nigeria, Premium Times, 360Nobs, NigeriaNewsDesk, LadunLiadiBlog, and Jobberman. Official Media Partners are Cool FM, Wazobia FM and Y!/, and the official television partner is Africa Magic.

Congratulatory Message to Bellanaija………Chaste

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UN Young Ambassador of Peace, Chaste Inegbedion
UN Young Ambassador of Peace, Chaste Inegbedion

You have done it again; it’s a proud moment for all the Governing Council of Charity Lounge that you again got another ‘Big One’ the 2013 Future Awards Africa/British Council Young Media Entrepreneur of the Year”. We are all very thankful that you are also in our 53 Non Profit Champions List.
It’s your hard work and dedication which makes you stand out and your out of the box ideas are amazing which is helping the BN Media grow. We are sure if you continue performing like this you will soon be winning the Nobel Prize. We understand the handwork you have put in it’s not easy for a person to get recognition consistently. It really shows how much you have done to get the flowing with the best of the best. It proves that you have worked selflessly every moment to reach this goal; we wish you the best of luck for all your future endeavors and hope that you bring more laurels.
Congratulations in receiving the most prestigious and deserving award.
Chaste Inegbedion
UN Young Ambassador of Peace,
Community Relations Specialist, Creative Five World.

Munro wins Nobel Prize for Literature, 2013

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Alice Munro
Alice Munro

By Tunde Alaran

The Swedish Academy’s Peter Englund announced this year’s winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature
Canadian author Alice Munro has won the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature. Making the announcement, Peter Englund, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, called her a “master of the contemporary short story”.
The 82-year-old, whose books include Dear Life and Dance of the Happy Shades, is only the 13th woman to win the prize since its inception in 1901. Previous winners include literary giants such as Rudyard Kipling, Toni Morrison and Ernest Hemingway
Presented by the Nobel Foundation, the award – which is presented to a living writer – is worth eight million kronor (£770,000). Last year’s recipient was Chinese novelist Mo Yan.
Munro, who began writing in her teenage years, published her first story, The Dimensions of a Shadow, in 1950. She had been studying English at the University of Western Ontario at the time.
Dance of the Happy Shades, published in 1968, was Munro’s first collection, and it went on to win Canada’s highest literary prize, the Governor General’s Award. In 2009, she won the Man Booker International Prize for her entire body of work.